SY215H The excellent performance of SY215H is fully transplanted, upgraded on the basis of SY215C, and the engine with higher power and reliability is adopted, so that customer can buy the mining version SY215H with better performance, more robustness and durability at the price of SY215C. It is positioned as a 21T eartmoving machine, taking […]


SY330H SY330H is a new-generation 30T super hydraulic excavator for mining produced by SANY Heavy Machinery. It is designed particularly for heavy-duty mining conditions, and targets to improve customer’s investment return. As compared with competitor brands, it has the advantages including “super excellent performance, super high adaptability, super long service life and super low maintenance […]


SY215C SY215C is a new generation grade 21T super excavator for earthwork produced by SANY Heavy Machinery. It is designed for earthwork conditions and takes stonework into consideration. It targets to improve investment return of the customer. As compared with the competitor, it features “excellent performance, high reliability, comfortable and convenient, safety, faster maintenance and […]