Large Excavator
76 200 kg

Operating Weight

377 Kw

Engine Power

5.4 m3

Bucket Capacity

SY750H is the new-generation 70T-80T super-grade mine excavator product specially developed by Sany Heavy Machinery. It is specially designed for the heavy-duty operating conditions in mine, and aims to increase the investment return for customer. As compared with competing brands, it has the advantages such as “ superior performance, super high adaptability, super long service life and super low maintenance cost”.

independently by SANY, the efficiency and fuel consumption surpass competitor brands. The efficiency is 8% higher and the fuel consumption is 10% lower

Through the real-time power adjustment in the whole process of excavating and the curve analysis for excavation force under various operating conditions, the excavation force can be brought into full play, and the efficiency can be improved by 40%

With special handle, optimized valve core structure, regenerating channel and added intelligent interflow control etc. the pressure loss is reduced, operation coordination is improved and the equipment can be operated easily and smoothly.


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