SY55C is a star product of small excavator of SANY and ranks the first place in market share of single model in 4 continuous years. Accumulative sales amount over ten thousand units. New generation SY55C hydraulic excavator feature “ high reliability, excellent performance, safe & environmental friendly and comfortable & convenient”.

36 kW

Engine Power

0.21 m3

Bucket Capacity

3.0 m

Boom Length

1.55 m

Standard Arm

400 mm Tripe Grouser

Track Shoe


G Mode (standard mode) : 90% of the rated power reduces fuel consumption and noise.
S Mode (light duty mode) : 80% of the rated power ensures fuel economy.
B Mode (breaker mode) : 90% of the rated power reduces fuel consumption.
The working mode can be easily changed by operator, to meet the customer requirement of economy and efficiency.

With more force than the competitor product of same tonnage, it is easier to excavate hardpan and makes excavation easier.


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