Large Excavator
52 000 kg

Operating Weight

300 Kw

Engine Power

3.1 m3

Bucket Capacity

SY550HD is a new generation 50T-level super hydraulic excavator for mining produced by SANY Heavy Machinery. It is designed particulary for heavy-duty mining condition and targets to improve customer’s investment return. As compared with competitor brands, it has the advantages including “excellent performance, high adaptability, super long service life and low maintenance cost”.


With “positive flow” system and “DOMCS” dynamic hunting intelligent matching control system developed independently by SANY, the efficiency and fuel consumption surpass competitor brands. The efficiency is 8% higher and the fuel consumption is 10% lower. The engine is exclusively for SANY, with strong power and high reliability. Thus, it can ensure the continuous operating stability in severe environment. As compared with foreign brands, it not only saves fuel but also works faster.

  • High-end interiors, wide vision, suspension operator seat, excellent shock and noise reduction performance, let you have a more comfortable.
  • Equipped with blinds on the side and rear windows, so as to provide comfortable working conditions for the operator.
  • Equipped with hydraulic lock out, top protective screening, anti-slip cover plate and seat belt to increase operator safety.
  • Automatic air conditioner, cigarette lighter, ashtray, water cup holder, file box, fire extinguisher, emergency roof door, escape hammer, reading lamp are all available.

Replacement space for maintainable parts is increased and the parts are designed in allusion to severe mining conditions for convenient maintenance. It is thus easier and simpler to manage the equipment, It is equipped with for-dimensional construction management system developed independently by SANY.


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