The excellent performance of SY215H is fully transplanted, upgraded on the basis of SY215C, and the engine with higher power and reliability is adopted, so that customer can buy the mining version SY215H with better performance, more robustness and durability at the price of SY215C. It is positioned as a 21T eartmoving machine, taking into account
various working conditions such as stonework, leveling, trenching, and loading.

133 kW

Engine Power

1.1 m3

Bucket Capacity

5.7 m

Boom Length

2.919 m

Standard Arm

800 mm Triple Grouser

Track Shoe


Upgrade the new C11 cab (a high-tech, user-friendly, high-comfort automotive-grade "smart cockpit")

Better engine reliability and adaptability, more adaptable to inferior oil and complex working environment.

Engine program optimization to adapt to high altitude working environment

New cover design: The shape of the mine is more powerful, and the side beams of the platform are reinforced and raised.

Using load adaptive technology, large bucket capacity, and bucket shape optimization, the workload has been increased by 14%, and the fuel consumption has remained basically unchanged. (Statistics based on the loading volume in the same time period)


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