The SY215C LA is an excellent solution for construction projects involving large-scale excavations, such as deeper trench excavations, river dredging works, mine excavations, or similar projects. With its advanced long arms and a wide range of superior features, this excavator has proven to be a valuable asset to the modern construction industry. As compared with the competitor, it features “excellent performance, high adaptability, long service life, and low maintenance cost”.

114 kW

Engine Power

0.45 m3

Bucket Capacity

8.5 m

Boom Length

6.020 m

Standard Arm

800 mm Triple Grouser

Track Shoe

sy215c LA edit

With “positive flow” system and “DOMCS” dynamic hunting intelligent matching control system developed independently by SANY, the efficiency and
fuel consumption surpass competitor brands. The efficiency is 8% higher and the fuel consumption is 10% lower. The engine is exclusively for SANY,
with strong power and high reliability. Thus, it can ensure the continuous operating stability in severe environment. As compared with foreign brands,
it not only saves fuel but also works faster.

Domestically initiative self-circulation “large-capacity multi-stage filter system” is launched in allusion to various oils and
meets emission requirements of Tier 2 standard. Provide top-level protection for the equipment.

Through the accumulation over 15 years, service life of SY215C LA exceeds 15 000h and surpasses competitor brands
with the help of initiative “three-dimensional” design test system for 20T class excavator.


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