SY215C ACE inherits a series of advantages of SY215C model such as fast working speed, high efficiency, high reliability, comfortable operation and convenient maintenance, and adopts a number of advanced technologies. The ACE machine achieves the development goals of fuel-saving, fun and attractive.

118 kW

Engine Power

1.1 m3

Bucket Capacity

5.7 m

Boom Length

2.919 m

Standard Arm

800 mm Triple Grouser

Track Shoe


Under ACE electric control technology, combined with the use of the main pump power control, valve core optimization design and stick electrical control and many other fuel-saving control technology, so that the machine's operating fuel consumption compared to similar models reduced by 7-15%.

With electro-hydraulic proportional control on the spool arm and boom can achieve easy and comfortable flat mode. In the “L Mode” position the flat earthwork operation can be achieved by simultaneously pulling the boom without maximizing the arm operating lever. This way, the operation intensity of the boom is reduced and very suitable for the operator.

Fully using 4G wireless-communication network technology, global positioning GPS, can access the SANY EVI-Cloud global industrial Internet system, provide the SANY EVI mobile APP, realizing mobile phones to check equipment working hours / fuel consumption / geographic location.


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