SY135F it is an upgraded version of forestry machine specially developed for the global forestry market. It is customized and developed for working conditions such as hill grabbing, swamp grabbing, palm tree cutting, etc. SY135F is to design high-end products for 7.5 billion people, with “Excellent Performance, high reliability, comfortable & convenient, safety, special configuration and standard & optional”. Features provide a variety of auxiliary pipelines, crawlers, work lights and traction devices optional.

72.7 kW

Engine Power

0.58 m3/0.6 m3

Bucket Capacity

4.6 m

Boom Length

2.5 m

Standard Arm

960 mm Single Grouser

Track Shoe


Compared with SY135F-2 previous generation, the fuel consumption is reduced by 7.7%* under the same efficiency.

  • Fix Grapple =
    Upper part: Three support plates were added to improve the shape of inner plate, smooth weld transition and outer plate.
    Lower part: Two supporting plates were added, wooden claws were strengthened and the structure was partially improved
  • Boom = The front supporting side plate is thickened and extended to enhance the structural rigidity
  • Arm = The diameter of the pin shaft at the front support is increased to ϕ65. The diameter of the pin shaft at the rear support is increased to ϕ75."

With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the engine can fully develop its power to provide a strong operating force. Optimized operation performance of the engine reduced the loss of power.


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