SY135F it is an upgraded version of forestry machine specially developed for the global forestry market. It is customized and developed for working conditions such as hill grabbing, swamp grabbing, palm tree cutting, etc. SY135F is to design high-end products for 7.5 billion people, with “Excellent Performance, high reliability, comfortable & convenient, safety, special configuration and standard & optional”. Features provide a variety of auxiliary pipelines, crawlers, work lights and traction devices optional.

72.7 kW

Engine Power

Fix Grapple

Bucket Capacity

4.26 m

Boom Length

2.36 m

Standard Arm

960 mm Single Grouser

Track Shoe


SANY use electronically controlled positive flow hydraulic system. SANY original technologies that could provide, accurate flow distribution technology,
reduce system pressure loss, hydraulic system buffer technology, makes the whole machine more efficient, better control performance and better
leveling performance. Excellent micro-operation performance can provide you with almost perfect operating experience.

  • Compared with the old forestry excavator, the fuel consumption of Gear H11 of SY135F-5 upgraded model is reduced by 5% under the same
    efficiency, and the comprehensive energy consumption competitiveness is significantly improved.

  • With high-grade trim parts, wide view, air suspended seat with lumbar support, excellent vibration damping and noise reduction performance, the driving experience will be more comfortable.
  • Equipped with blinds on the side and rear windows, fire extinguisher, escape hammer, cigarette lighter, ashtray, cup holder, file box and reading lamp all are complete.
  • The cab with a left-top lamp and upgraded track control device, so as to promote vision scope at night and space for operator


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