SY135C is a star product of small excavator for earthwork produced by SANY Heavy Machinery. It is designed for earthwork conditions and takes stonework into consideration. It targets to improve investment return of the customer. As compared with the competitor, it features ” high efficiency and low consumption, high reliability, safe and comfortable and easy maintenance”.

72.7 kW

Engine Power

0.53 m3

Bucket Capacity

4.7 m

Boom Length

3.3 m

Standard Arm

600 mm Triple Grouser

Track Shoe


The engine is designed with four working mode. The working mode can be changed on the monitor according to different applicationns, which can maximize the operating efficiency and reduce the fuel consumption.

The triple grouser track shoe rolled with high-strength alloy provides favorable contact, stability and durability. The track link have additional reinforced ribs to increase their strength, which can absorb the shock when the machine travels on rough surface.

With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the engine can fully develop its power to provide a strong operating force. Optimized operation performance of the engine reduced the loss of power.


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