Our Culture

People of action need to identify their core beliefs and hold to them with integrity, even in the face of hardship. Organizations must also have strong beliefs and strong core values.


You don’t have to be on the front lines, but you have to finished the result.
Helping our employees succeed on the job and in their lives.

High Effiency

Time waits for no one
Procrastination is the thief of time


Committed to provide high value and high performance whether in our products and aftersales
Win the heart of our customer by fulfilling customer needs and aftersales commitment.


Good Conducts Before Doing Things
Always Be Creative and Innovative
Maintain diversity and cultural sensitivity towards all people

Rate More Value for Customers

By being very responsive to customer‘s request
If no one responded you, it is because you are not close with the customer
If you want to take a side, please stand at customer’s side
SANY VISION & Mission ( ada di slide compro )”