SANY Perkasa and MNC Leasing signed a terminal financing cooperation agreement in the morning on December 21. The signing ceremony was held in SANY Perkasa’s headquarters in Jakarta. SANY Perkasa is Indonesia’s leading brand of engineering machinery and MNC Leasing also has a big influence in Indonesia. Their cooperation wrote a new chapter of terminal customer financing strategic.

Sany Perkasa Signing MOU MNC

SANY Perkasa Chairman Mr Zhang Zhaoqiang, sales director Mr Hery, SANY Thaiyont Financing director Mr Zhang Jiaxin, MNC Leasing Chariman Mr Ageng Purwanto, MNC sales director Mr Paulus C Janala and other leaders, customers and more than ten news media companies attended the signing ceremony.

Sany Perkasa Signing MOU MNC

PT.MNC GUNA USAHA INDONESIA is a domestic large-scale professional financial leasing company in Indonesia. MNC Leasing Involved in equipment, trucks, machinery and consumer goods financing lease business. It is wholly owned by the Indonesia MNC Group.
MNC GROUP is one of Indonesia’s main board listed companies. Main business include Banks, stock, financing lease, the Internet, real estate, media, etc. MNC Group operated four independent TV channels in Indonesia which involved film and television animation, news, advertising and other business, and set up a joint venture company with Chinese tencent in Indonesia .

Sany Perkasa Signing MOU MNC

Headquarter of MNC Group locates in Jakarta, business coverage across whole Indonesia. It’s really a strong company.

Four Indonesia TV stations Including MNC TV, Inews TV, Global TV andRCTI TV, two local newspapers including Business Indonesia and Sindo, and over ten news websites Including Okezone, Inews, Wataekonomi etc. reported at the scene.

Total excavators sales number of SANY PERKASA is 550 units in 2017. The cooperation with MNC Leasing will broaden SANY PERKASA local terminal customers financing channels. SANY Perkasa will provide comprehensive financing support to customers by using all network resources of MNC in whole Indonesia.

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