My Sany

With innovative “MySANY” technology independently developed by Sany. An intelligent application that can help customers dynamically, to be able to monitor working conditions and work history in real-time, analyzing the productivity of unit use, from checking problems to ordering spare parts. With the help of ‘MySANY’ technology, every aspect related to problems and unit management can be resolved efficiently and effectively.

A smart application that helps customers check unit dynamics, work conditions, and work history in real time, analyze unit usage productivity, from checking trouble to ordering spare parts, with one step can help customers solve everything related to unit problems.

User Role


The individual or company that purchased the Sany unit. After registration, the mechanic will match the data and bind your unit.


Young people who are at the forefront, providing protection, service, unit repair, and other aftersales services for the Sany unit from the owner of the unit.